Inspiration Series – Part 2

Honored to be speaking at the Inspiration Series – Part 2 on April 25th, 2019


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Three events. Three speakers. Infinite inspiration.

Networking events brought to you by The Holistic Parent. Their unique events are geared towards connecting like-minded businesses and professionals together!

Part 2 features guest speaker Rashmi Sanjay, who will be speaking about how the worst moments of life can shape who we are for the better!

Rashmi has battled a rare spinal tumor and will be sharing her story with you! To read more about Rashmi and her journey battle a rare spinal tumor, read her article, Fighting With Faith, originally published in the Fall 2018 issue of The Holistic Parent:

Tickets are $15/event, includes coffee/tea and treats.

Each event will feature ample open networking time with many like-minded businesses, practitioners and professionals in a casual, welcoming environment.

To register, please follow the link…

How 285 Days Changed My Life Forever

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful ” – Malala

285 days in Neuro Rehab changed my life forever💫

On April 29th, I will be sharing my untold truth from a nightmare of being attacked by another patient the very first day I entered the neuro rehab (especially when you are completely trapped in your own body & unable to move) to spending the night in completely different area (amputee rehab) when hallucinations were at its peak. What life taught me very early on; to a choice I had of what I wanted to take from my journey and what I want YOU to take from my journey🌠

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International Women’s Day 2019

What a powerful night!!!! A room filled with women from different walks of life come together as one to hear and talk with these women with such powerful stories and an inspiration to many. A compelling conversation as they discuss the ways that being a woman has impacted their experiences, challenges, and successes in media, journalism  and much more.

With the two award-winning journalists, Lisa LaFlamme a trailblazer for women in Canadian news, and has led the country’s #1 newscast as chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News and Michelle Shephard a journalist, author and filmmaker who as covered issues of terrorism and human rights since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During her two decades at the Toronto Star she reported from more than 25 countries. Formerly of the Toronto Star and now an independent documentary filmmaker


Lisa LaFlamme is a trailblazer for women in Canadian news, and has led the country’s #1 newscast as chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News since 2011. From her hometown of Kitchener, she went on to become a national and international correspondent, covering 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, the G20 riots, the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and every Canadian federal election since 1997. She has earned multiple awards, including Canadian Screen Awards for Best National Newscast in 2018 and Best National News Anchor in 2017. She was appointed to the Order of Ontario in 2016.

Michelle Shephard is a journalist, author and filmmaker who as covered issues of terrorism and human rights since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During her two decades at the Toronto Star she reported from more than 25 countries, including Yemen, Syria and Pakistan. Her 2015 documentary Guantanamo’s Child premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won Canadian Screen Awards. She has written two books: Guantanomo’s Child: The Story of Omar Khadr, and Decade of Fear: Reporting from Terrorism’s Grey Zone. She is a three-time winner of the National Newspaper Award and has also earned the Governor-General’s Michener Award.

The event couldn’t have started better with such fun meeting and chatting with these ever so lovely and talented hosts Tara Connors from CHYM-FM, 96.7 FM, a Canadian radio station broadcasting and Lisa Drew from 570News, it was an absolute pleasure.

All it took was a skype call

IMG_20190308_125532_056Finally we meet, what a lovely start to my day on International Women’s Day 2019 with this beautiful woman and friend Kelly Zemnickis. We met over a skpye call a few months back and in sharing and talking about our stories, we realized there was more than just a bond of a writer and storyteller.  So glad our paths crossed and the more I get to know her, the more our friendship gets stronger.

Kelly a writer, documentary filmmaker and co-producer of the documentary film, No Responder Left Behind. A feature documentary on 9/11 activist John Feal, who fights for First Responders with terminal illnesses caused by Ground Zero Toxins and the lack of government support they have received in the years following the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. 

Click on the trailer below and check out the film trailer, share and support this film

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What Facing My Own FEAR Taught Me

From being this fearless, confident young girl, a teenager to a woman ready to take on anything, somewhere along the way in this journey of life, I didn’t realize that fear had started to slowly take over. Fear set in after I had multiple miscarriages, the fear of losing another child and then the fear still continued as a mother after I had two beautiful children.
Before I knew it , the way I started to look at the world around me changed after a very dear friend was murdered, my fears were much stronger and scarier and I had forgotten what it was to be fearless. 

Early 2017, this life changing journey I was embarking on after being diagnosed of a rare spinal cord tumor in the cervical spine taught me to be FEARLESS again.
Thank you kpl for this platform where I will share my story, my journey, my highs, my lows, the power of communication & acceptance, the role of family & friends that made a difference in my outcome as I continue my journey

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April 9, 2019 Talk Poster


Blessed Mom I am

My 10 year old came home with this that’s left me emotional & speechless. Typed on her school computer during a paragraph writing class, from the 4 topics she picked – My Hero
When I gave that talk on grit & perseverance at a school with 300 odd students, she went around saying that’s my mom, little did I know, I was her Hero.
I wasn’t sure if I should share this, I am no expert on parenting but I know this, it’s not the expensive, fancy clothes, shoes or toys that kids remember or even care about in their crucial growing up years. At the end of the day, all your kid will remember is they were loved, they felt safe & they have all those beautiful memories of the time you spent together with them
Motherhood is a constant learning process for me & there are good & bad days. No matter what, they teach me to live in the present moment all the time for tomorrow is a day I haven’t seen yet

my baby

Inspiration Series

I am honoured & excited to be the speaker at the Inspiration Series by Holistic Parent Magazine on April 25, 2019

Check out the details below !
Welcome to the inspiration series! Three Events. Three Speakers. Infinite Inspiration.
Grab your calendars right now and save the dates:

March 21 – Featuring Speaker – Amanda Case
April 25 – Featuring Speaker- Rashmi Sanjay
June 13 – Featuring Speaker – Azra Gregor

All events are being held at The Causerie in downtown Kitchener (run by Marit Collective Coffee/ Tea & Treats included). Are you ready to be inspired?? Registration opens soon!

Option I am not sure about…

Keep moving forward & don’t give up attitude makes this part a hard one

IMG_20181028_233320_nm 207
My assessment at St Michael’s Hospital’s pain clinic was painful

-New medications given didn’t work
-Nerve damage is extensive
-Nerve shocks in the body is extensive
-Random parts of the body go numb off & on

For the extent of nerve damage the possibility of Spinal Cord Stimulator was discussed. Similar to a pacemaker, this device is surgically implanted in the body & the wires are secured in the space above the spinal cord to send electrical current to the spinal cord to manage pain.
Just the idea of surgery & dealing with spinal cord again is not sitting well with me. This is not the end of the line yet for me, yes it’s a challenge every single day to do what I do, but I am not ready to go this route. I will continue to search & keep trying everything possible for better ways. I am not ready to surrender yet.
While the specialist & neurosurgeon discuss and review all my reports & other treatment plans in weeks to come, I continue not to survive but THRIVE and keep with my meditation, visualization, exercise, focus on nutrition, try alternative treatments & much more …