LIGHT Stories 2019 – September 20th


Will be speaking at the third #lightstories2019
Mother Earth will shift her light again, Feminie Harbor brings to you sclarity, #resiliency and a celebration of women who share stories of #guidance and stories of their relationship to mentors that have shaped them.

Feminine Harbor is exactly what it’s called: a harbor where the wide range diversity of Feminine stories can safely meet. We celebrate the leadership of women in many forms, breaking from patriarchal norms and establishing our own, based on what we have in common, but without erasing our differences. This season, you a former mayor, a gifted beader, a radio host, and an entrepreneur all sharing the same stage, while honoring women who have come before them. They are all brave leaders within their own communities coming together to share real stories of what guidance means to them. Our leadership is not linear. It’s circular, it involves care, it relates to community and family, it is anchored to relationships and rooted in our experiences. Come celebrate the #fallequinox and listen to our storytellers share how their relationship to other women who have shaped them through their guidance. Join us in our continuous #intersectional #celebration of #Women on FRIDAY, September 20th at 7pm (doors open at 6:15pm) at the KW Art Gallery @kwartgallery

Music by Charlena Russel

Swimming Towards The Finish Line


– I know that my body is miraculous
– I am grateful for all the hard work my body does to support my dreams
– It has taught me to stop throwing back my old self and accept my body as it is now and be grateful for bringing me this far
Affirmations that are a part of my daily practice. I choose to release my fears today and hit the pool 🏊‍♀️ for the first time since my water therapy in the warm pool while at the neuro rehab
The challenge was to beat the fear of the cold intolerance that cause burn, the shocks and pain from the peripheral nerve damage. But I have been preparing for this day mentally and needed to push myself to build the muscle strength in my leg and arms to get them stronger and just walking is not enough. I am not going to lie, it hurt like never before, but at least this pool is lukewarm.
Water is my best bet since its low impact, supports my back and I don’t have to worry about the weight of my body on my spine when in water

Small steps call for small celebrations

20190705_165738-02.jpegMy much needed get away

10 weeks, off pain medication has been quite a challenge. The intense pressure, pain in the neck, head and the left arm has been all over the place, but keeping busy and distracted has been one of the key factors in being able to manage pain and at the same time pacing and listening to the trigger warnings without pushing beyond my limit has helped.

Hurt is over, wound is closed & its a healing process


The scar on my neck means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and its a healing process

Child pose, the easiest to do, became my toughest one to practice. It took me months before I finally was able to lift my head up without help or support. Even if its for a couple of minutes now I can hold it , it helps with stretching my back and spine, relaxing my mind and strengthening my legs

There is always a way to repurpose , realign and rearrange. My daily practice has helped my body get as strong as my mind

One of the many reasons

20190619_185931-01.jpegWith the man himself, Craig Norris, host of The Morning Edition on CBC Radio KW @cbckw891 at @communitech #truenorthfestival2019
As a true CBC News listener for over 12 years, when CBC KW started airing in the Region, Craig Norris was a familiar name in our household. Little did I know, I would be in studio at CBC Radio with Craig, interviewing me on my journey.
Humble and down to earth, he has been one of the many people who played a role in my interest in hosting my own radio show today , In Conversation with Rashmi #inconversationwithrashmi on CKMS102.7FM, Radio Waterloo


Are you sure the stuff you went through was serious enough?
You are just making stuff up
She has recovered completely
She just wants sympathy
If you are going through so much forget getting back to work, just focus on staying home, this is your life now

I have heard it all and more…🙂
But I am not here to explain any of the above but to share my journey, to share that giving up on YOU is not an option no matter what. It is not your job to make them understand , but it is your job to ignore the critics and KEEP ON GOING💫
Build YOUR TRIBE, don’t let others opinion of you stop you from achieving or living your life.

Excited and ready to take my next big step forward in this journey as I end my last session of  physio therapy and occupational therapy with my two fabulous therapists Sandra and Maria at CBI Health Center. They have worked on me for the last 8 weeks and have helped me push through as I take the big leap of gradually getting back to work next week. I will still be under their care as they monitor my progress for the next couple of months

CELEBRATE MILESTONES ! Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have been through and remember how far you’ve come


Next Big Step

CapbuhPushing really hard and beyond, instead of staying in bed and feeling sorry for myself,showing compassion to myself and really appreciating the things I can do and I am capable of, self talking myself (it’s hard work) to not get bogged down in things that don’t matter and making each day my best, learning to think neutral and baby step thoughts instead of thinking just positive all the time, surrounding myself with those who matter has made me a lot more determined to never give up and reach my goals. Life is adaptable and there are ever changing circumstances  whether you face challenges or not, that’s reality.

1 year, 8 months later, of which the toughest was 9 months in the neuro rehab. Now back in occupational and physio therapy, with just 3 more weeks left to go, finally got the much awaited news I have been pushing for a bit, knowing it will only do me good. I finally got approved to a gradual return to work plan, it’s a slow transition but a great start and I am so ready to take the next big step forward this mid June 2019


MIND is our most powerful tool & with that comes ATTITUDE

Our MIND is our most powerful tool & with that comes ATTITUDE, which is a little thing but makes a big difference. I don’t have control over every situation in my life, but when I wake up in the morning, I get to decide my attitude, if I want it to be my best day
– Permanent spinal cord damage, left arm severely nerve damaged, pins needles in the scalp, constant shocks in my body, all this could last 5 years or a lifetime
– Option, installing the spinal cord stimulator (this is for life, wires are installed along the spinal column. A surgical procedure I am not ready for)
Have heard it all & ACCEPTING my new normal gave me the ability to do the things I have been doing within my capacity.

Last appointment with my Neurosurgeon involved a detailed discussion of my reports & plan. A plan, which also includes me getting back to work. Yes, you heard that right😀 Quite shocked and surprised, but he knows me well, if I set my mind to something, I ain’t going to stop.
So, here I am back into a 8 week physio & occupational therapy to help me get to where I want to be with the wonderful team at CBI Health

Occupational therapists who specialize in concussion therapy ( still suffer symptoms of concussion after I had a fall from the stairs after surgery)
Physio Therapists, who will help me gain more strength in my left arm and fingers. Work on my left shoulder which has Suparscapular Neuropathy. An uncommon cause of shoulder pain and weakness, caused by direct trauma to the nerve.
They will work on strengthening my neck muscles so I can hold up my head for more than 3 hours
Kinesiologists, who will help with my ability to function better
And yes, I am going to continue to do the things I wish to do and stick to my plans without letting fear or the world’s perspective interfere with creating my own.
As I continue my journey towards my healing , I can’t thank you guys enough. Not going to pick names, but you know who you all are. They say you are a reflection of the company you keep, to my family, friends and well wishers, love you always💕