Golden MP3 CKMS Award

In Conversation with Rashmi wins the “Golden MP3 CKMS Award – Local Liaison of Canada” for the best show putting KW talent on the national stage.

Click  – In Conversation with Rashmi

Sharing my own story and journey on various platforms since my Spinal Cord surgery and meeting amazing people inspired me to start my own talk show. Wanting to give back to the community and beyond with stories of people like you and me, stories that strike a chord, that makes an impact even in that one person’s life, I began this journey and started my radio talk show – In Conversation with Rashmi, Saturday mornings at 9 AM (EST) .

From producing, directing, promoting and interviewing over 60 guests in the last 9 months has been a lot of learning and an enriching experience connecting with so many amazing people and business leaders in this community. Thank you all so very much for the and to the amazing team at 102.7FM , I could not have done this without your support and encouragement.


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