LIGHT Stories 2019 – September 20th


Will be speaking at the third #lightstories2019
Mother Earth will shift her light again, Feminie Harbor brings to you sclarity, #resiliency and a celebration of women who share stories of #guidance and stories of their relationship to mentors that have shaped them.

Feminine Harbor is exactly what it’s called: a harbor where the wide range diversity of Feminine stories can safely meet. We celebrate the leadership of women in many forms, breaking from patriarchal norms and establishing our own, based on what we have in common, but without erasing our differences. This season, you a former mayor, a gifted beader, a radio host, and an entrepreneur all sharing the same stage, while honoring women who have come before them. They are all brave leaders within their own communities coming together to share real stories of what guidance means to them. Our leadership is not linear. It’s circular, it involves care, it relates to community and family, it is anchored to relationships and rooted in our experiences. Come celebrate the #fallequinox and listen to our storytellers share how their relationship to other women who have shaped them through their guidance. Join us in our continuous #intersectional #celebration of #Women on FRIDAY, September 20th at 7pm (doors open at 6:15pm) at the KW Art Gallery @kwartgallery

Music by Charlena Russel

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