Are you sure the stuff you went through was serious enough?
You are just making stuff up
She has recovered completely
She just wants sympathy
If you are going through so much forget getting back to work, just focus on staying home, this is your life now

I have heard it all and more…🙂
But I am not here to explain any of the above but to share my journey, to share that giving up on YOU is not an option no matter what. It is not your job to make them understand , but it is your job to ignore the critics and KEEP ON GOING💫
Build YOUR TRIBE, don’t let others opinion of you stop you from achieving or living your life.

Excited and ready to take my next big step forward in this journey as I end my last session of  physio therapy and occupational therapy with my two fabulous therapists Sandra and Maria at CBI Health Center. They have worked on me for the last 8 weeks and have helped me push through as I take the big leap of gradually getting back to work next week. I will still be under their care as they monitor my progress for the next couple of months

CELEBRATE MILESTONES ! Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have been through and remember how far you’ve come


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