Next Big Step

CapbuhPushing really hard and beyond, instead of staying in bed and feeling sorry for myself,showing compassion to myself and really appreciating the things I can do and I am capable of, self talking myself (it’s hard work) to not get bogged down in things that don’t matter and making each day my best, learning to think neutral and baby step thoughts instead of thinking just positive all the time, surrounding myself with those who matter has made me a lot more determined to never give up and reach my goals. Life is adaptable and there are ever changing circumstances  whether you face challenges or not, that’s reality.

1 year, 8 months later, of which the toughest was 9 months in the neuro rehab. Now back in occupational and physio therapy, with just 3 more weeks left to go, finally got the much awaited news I have been pushing for a bit, knowing it will only do me good. I finally got approved to a gradual return to work plan, it’s a slow transition but a great start and I am so ready to take the next big step forward this mid June 2019


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