What Facing My Own FEAR Taught Me

From being this fearless, confident young girl, a teenager to a woman ready to take on anything, somewhere along the way in this journey of life, I didn’t realize that fear had started to slowly take over. Fear set in after I had multiple miscarriages, the fear of losing another child and then the fear still continued as a mother after I had two beautiful children.
Before I knew it , the way I started to look at the world around me changed after a very dear friend was murdered, my fears were much stronger and scarier and I had forgotten what it was to be fearless. 

Early 2017, this life changing journey I was embarking on after being diagnosed of a rare spinal cord tumor in the cervical spine taught me to be FEARLESS again.
Thank you kpl for this platform where I will share my story, my journey, my highs, my lows, the power of communication & acceptance, the role of family & friends that made a difference in my outcome as I continue my journey

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April 9, 2019 Talk Poster


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