Option I am not sure about…

Keep moving forward & don’t give up attitude makes this part a hard one

IMG_20181028_233320_nm 207
My assessment at St Michael’s Hospital’s pain clinic was painful

-New medications given didn’t work
-Nerve damage is extensive
-Nerve shocks in the body is extensive
-Random parts of the body go numb off & on

For the extent of nerve damage the possibility of Spinal Cord Stimulator was discussed. Similar to a pacemaker, this device is surgically implanted in the body & the wires are secured in the space above the spinal cord to send electrical current to the spinal cord to manage pain.
Just the idea of surgery & dealing with spinal cord again is not sitting well with me. This is not the end of the line yet for me, yes it’s a challenge every single day to do what I do, but I am not ready to go this route. I will continue to search & keep trying everything possible for better ways. I am not ready to surrender yet.
While the specialist & neurosurgeon discuss and review all my reports & other treatment plans in weeks to come, I continue not to survive but THRIVE and keep with my meditation, visualization, exercise, focus on nutrition, try alternative treatments & much more …


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