Creating Magic

When Kelly, who’s writing my story for the magazine mentioned I was going to have a photo shoot in Toronto for the Future Female Magazine’s winter edition, I was excited. But immediately my first thought was, how will I pull this off with everything that’s going on. With all the medications I am on, I have also gained a lot of weight. 

Will I be ok in my own skin ? Will I be comfortable doing this shoot ?Will my pain, nausea, headaches, shocks interfere with the photo shoot? Will my pain be visible in the pictures?

But before I went any further with my thoughts, I asked myself, how does any of this even matter…I know I am not flawless or perfect, but this I know – I am strong, worthy and beautiful. I am having fun and living each moment to the fullest.. which I clearly did.. Loved every moment💖

When I met Katherine Leroux (owner of future female magazine) and Kelly for the first time, it felt like we knew each other for a long time, we connected instantly. Makeup Legacy Studio’s make up and hair artists Michele @makeupbymichelexo worked her magic on me and made sure I was ok and comfortable while she dolled me up. It sure was a long and tiring day for me, but it was all worth it and just felt magical while they made me feel like a queen 👑 It was more than just a photoshoot… new friendships developed, like-minded, driven and talented people to come together to create this magic!!!

pic instapic




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