1 Year Later…

September 27, 2018

September 27th, 2017 – 1 year ago today, my life changed forever, for the best. I now hear, see, feel the world so differently.

From lying in bed for weeks & in a wheelchair, relearning how to walk again, graduating to a walker then onto a cane, its been a journey of physical, emotional & spiritual battle both before & after surgery. Adjusting to this new life with this scar, a scar that I am proud of, which reminds me that I faced my fears and uncertainties head on & didn’t let it crush my world.
I may not be physically strong as I was a year back, I can’t last more than a couple of hours & with cooler weather approaching the spasm shocks in my body, well they make me feel like I am plugged into a power outlet. But I remind myself, I still have a life & want to do the things I enjoy doing despite hitting rock bottom constantly & having to start over again. With all that’s going on & being pushed down several times, I still keep climbing because I know the view is beautiful and stunning from the top & along the way.

So, this girl decided to celebrate life & her 1-year journey by actually witnessing that view from above by completing the 5 km hike… When you thrive, you don’t wait, you keep on going despite everything you are going thru with loved one’s by your side😍


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