Lamp of my body

Every day I have a new opportunity to find reasons to say thank you
With the amazing Dr Runstedler who is so professional & thorough is making sure we get to the bottom of what’s causing the intense pressure, nausea & blurred vision with any fast or continued movements. Investigating if it’s eye related or more neuro related issues.

As I move from machine to machine for various tests, scans & x-ray of my eyes I am thinking what am I really worried about here , I wake up every morning to the most beautiful gifts I have, my eyes which lets me see life’s colours & at the end of the day I close my eyes being happy for where I am today. So, let it be and let’s just say life is pretty darn good.

Test Results –  Good news, there is no problem with my eyes and all the intense pressure, nausea & blurred vision is more neuro surgical related issues which will be addressed by my neurosurgeon.


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