Learning to cope with a new body

When you mess with the spinal cord, life will never be the same again, a reality I am learning everyday. I was so looking forward to warmer days, with 40+ degree heat last few days, my ribs felt like they have been hit with a bat, like I was having a heart attack, made my breathing so much harder. Air conditioning was painful, cool air burns my sensory nerve damaged areas. Oozy in my head, nauseated for most of the day & my balance all over the place, its been quite a ride. I tripped a few times, had a fall on the beach while at the cottage, but none of this stopped me from watching the sunrise & sunsets, walking on the beach & just being in the moment & enjoying every minute with my family. I am learning to love & appreciate my body which has taken a 360 switch for what it can now do, for its strength, for how it’s helping me heal. Gratitude fills my life each day, which in turn helps me feeling good & showing my body the love it needs.


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