Self Care Matters

Self Care continues to play a huge role in my recovery process & very quickly I learnt that I can’t care for others if I don’t care for myself first. Yes, I deal with a lot still but that is no excuse to hide under the sheets. My self-care includes being mindful, sleep, balanced diet, walks, exercise, music, mediation & yoga. Relationships are so important to me, so I spend time nurturing the relationships I have with family & friends
Surgery can take a huge toll & 7 hrs of anesthesia, well can play havoc on everything. It’s been hard work not letting myself slip out of mind, body and spirit. The only way was to fall in love with taking care of myself and doing it for no one but ME. So, I decided to give myself some extra love & @ozhairandskin was the only place I could find, that had an adjustable sink that tilts anyway to hold my head and neck straight since I can’t move it forward or backward.


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