Golden MP3 CKMS Award

In Conversation with Rashmi wins the “Golden MP3 CKMS Award – Local Liaison of Canada” for the best show putting KW talent on the national stage.

Click  – In Conversation with Rashmi

Sharing my own story and journey on various platforms since my Spinal Cord surgery and meeting amazing people inspired me to start my own talk show. Wanting to give back to the community and beyond with stories of people like you and me, stories that strike a chord, that makes an impact even in that one person’s life, I began this journey and started my radio talk show – In Conversation with Rashmi, Saturday mornings at 9 AM (EST) .

From producing, directing, promoting and interviewing over 60 guests in the last 9 months has been a lot of learning and an enriching experience connecting with so many amazing people and business leaders in this community. Thank you all so very much for the and to the amazing team at 102.7FM , I could not have done this without your support and encouragement.


LIGHT Stories 2019 – September 20th


Will be speaking at the third #lightstories2019
Mother Earth will shift her light again, Feminie Harbor brings to you sclarity, #resiliency and a celebration of women who share stories of #guidance and stories of their relationship to mentors that have shaped them.

Feminine Harbor is exactly what it’s called: a harbor where the wide range diversity of Feminine stories can safely meet. We celebrate the leadership of women in many forms, breaking from patriarchal norms and establishing our own, based on what we have in common, but without erasing our differences. This season, you a former mayor, a gifted beader, a radio host, and an entrepreneur all sharing the same stage, while honoring women who have come before them. They are all brave leaders within their own communities coming together to share real stories of what guidance means to them. Our leadership is not linear. It’s circular, it involves care, it relates to community and family, it is anchored to relationships and rooted in our experiences. Come celebrate the #fallequinox and listen to our storytellers share how their relationship to other women who have shaped them through their guidance. Join us in our continuous #intersectional #celebration of #Women on FRIDAY, September 20th at 7pm (doors open at 6:15pm) at the KW Art Gallery @kwartgallery

Music by Charlena Russel

Swimming Towards The Finish Line


– I know that my body is miraculous
– I am grateful for all the hard work my body does to support my dreams
– It has taught me to stop throwing back my old self and accept my body as it is now and be grateful for bringing me this far
Affirmations that are a part of my daily practice. I choose to release my fears today and hit the pool 🏊‍♀️ for the first time since my water therapy in the warm pool while at the neuro rehab
The challenge was to beat the fear of the cold intolerance that cause burn, the shocks and pain from the peripheral nerve damage. But I have been preparing for this day mentally and needed to push myself to build the muscle strength in my leg and arms to get them stronger and just walking is not enough. I am not going to lie, it hurt like never before, but at least this pool is lukewarm.
Water is my best bet since its low impact, supports my back and I don’t have to worry about the weight of my body on my spine when in water

Small steps call for small celebrations

20190705_165738-02.jpegMy much needed get away

10 weeks, off pain medication has been quite a challenge. The intense pressure, pain in the neck, head and the left arm has been all over the place, but keeping busy and distracted has been one of the key factors in being able to manage pain and at the same time pacing and listening to the trigger warnings without pushing beyond my limit has helped.

Hurt is over, wound is closed & its a healing process


The scar on my neck means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and its a healing process

Child pose, the easiest to do, became my toughest one to practice. It took me months before I finally was able to lift my head up without help or support. Even if its for a couple of minutes now I can hold it , it helps with stretching my back and spine, relaxing my mind and strengthening my legs

There is always a way to repurpose , realign and rearrange. My daily practice has helped my body get as strong as my mind